Krakow to Salt Mine

Discover the Wieliczka Salt Mine

Discover the Wieliczka Salt Mine with us Located in seal proximity to Kraków, was the oldest in use ad infinitum because its firm in the XIII century salt mine in the world pending transitioning into a museum of mining in 2007.


With a total corridor length of over 300 kilometres and depth of 327 meters it offers a 3.5 kilometre extensive sight-seeing tour, which takes you through a millennium of history and development of salt mining as fine as folk myths and legends. The corridors are adorned with salt statues and carvings ended at first by the miners and in contemporary time by artists. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is filled of halls and chambers fashioned in salt, yet an false underground lake is there!



Visited Wieliczka Salt Mine

tour to wieliczkaVisited by more than 1.2 million public annually, The Wieliczka Salt mine is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a must-see for anyone visiting southern Poland, of course with Salt mine Tours Explore The Wieliczka Salt Mine with Salt mine Tours. Just a few kilometres from the incredible Kraków is a UNESCO World Heritage site tempting more than a million visitors from all more than the world every year.

The mine itself operational incessantly as the XIII century pending 2007 is a tribute to the history of mining and thousands of miners who lived and worked there. Since unfathomable as 327 meters, it offers a fascinating 3.5 kilometres journey addicted to the heart of the earth. During the tour you walk from end to end unused corridors into halls fixed absent of salt, overflowing with amazing salt sculptures and carvings. The most stunning views of the mine are the false lake and the world’s largest underground temple, the incredible salt chapel of St. Kinga.

 Southern Poland

Wieliczka Salt MineThe Wieliczka Salt Mine is effortlessly available and is absolutely the place to perceive intended for eternal memories. Just few kilometres from Kraków, the cultural assets of southern Poland, deceit the world-famous Wieliczka Salt Mine. Established in the Middle Ages, it incessantly mined salt designed for over 700 years awaiting 2007, when mining machinery have been suspended.

The Wieliczka Salt Mine with its deepest shaft disappearing 327 meters underground invites everyone to venture hooked on its midst in an appealing tour, where you will stand witness to the development of human mining knowledge. The 3.5 kilometres journey will get you 135 meters underground from side to side a range chambers full with wonderfully illuminated salt sculptures and carvings. It’s a chance to perceive the world’s largest underground temple, the St. Kinga Chapel. Morever, the unique feeling of the mine is beneficial to people with breathing situation and allergies.

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