Visit Salt mine from Krakow

Heard as of a friend

saltI’ve immediately visit Salt Mine and I totally loved it! I heard as of a friend that it’s incredible and required to distinguish it on my own. I exhausted a couple of hours underground wandering from beginning to end the icy unused shafts and marveled when I entered the subsequently chamber. You won’t consider it, except it is all complete of salt!

 Statues in salt

salt wieliczkaThe mine is packed with statues and carvings in salt, present yet is a church complete of it! My direct was a enjoyable elderly woman who knew what she was talking about as she lead us increasingly downwards. She liked to advise us limited folk myths and legends, which was pretty appealing. I bought some odd kinds of salt meant for my Pa on the shop in attendance; I not at all knew there were therefore lots of variations of it!

Only a half-hour

The finest fixation is that with Salt mine Tours it took me only a half-hour coerce beginning my hotel in Kraków to get there! If you’re spending your dream holidays in Kraków and the weather allow’s you downstairs, why don’t you depart wherever where it has no reach? On the outskirts of Kraków you can locate a UNESCO World heritage location, the Wieliczka Salt Mine. The mine hasn’t misrepresented a great deal in the hundreds of years of its incessant act.

The depth of the mine 

Salt MineIt’s pleasantly cool, with the temperature of approximately 16 C, which is just accurate meant for the underground two-hour-long trip. When you understand the depth of the mine you can’t fail to admire the talents of the miners. Stepping from chamber to chamber you can admire the craftsmanship of miners and artist in statues and carvings ended of salt.

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