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The Wieliczka Salt Mine, a must-see UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the most famous chairs in Poland. Would you like to know more? Visit us by Salt mine Tours On the fringes of the loud metropolis of Cracow lies the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

World’s record

salt-mineEstablished in the XIII century, the mine holds the world’s record of over 700 years of unremitting action. One of UNESCO’s early World Heritage sites, it offers tourist an amazing 3.5 kilometres elongated, 135 meters profound, under your own steam trip hooked on the heart of the mine. The mine takes you on a journey from end to end its shady corridors, one time second-hand by miners, and now completed obtainable designed for tourists. The tour takes you through a range of halls and chambers ornamented with unique salt statues and carvings, as glowing as, a display of the development of mining tackle from the Middle Ages to the present.The highlight of the tour is the marvellous shelter of St. Kinga, with the altar every one ended of salt and the artificial, underground lake. Moreover, owing to its unique micro-atmosphere, The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a well-known hospital designed for allergies and supplementary breathing setting.

Give you a chance

Visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine with Salt mine Tours Hi there! We on Salt mine Tours give you a chance to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mineat you convenience. Only a dumpy coerce on or after your hotel before the city hub, The Wieliczka Salt Mine offers an memorable skill. Created in the XIII century it has been operating constantly untill 2007.

SALT_MINEHowever, the mine is unmoving breathing – over a million public annually throw addicted to its heart in a couple hour-long tour. The 3.5-kilometer journey leads downwards from side to side stunning halls and chambers is surprisingly straightforward and enjoyable; fitting designed for people of all ages and even available on top of a wheel-chair. The underground tunnels obtain you past an underground lake and into the amazing underground temple of St.Kinga, which is complete of and wholly festooned with salt. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it’s the place to visit when in Kraków. If you want to recognize more? Visit Salt mine Tours Hi!

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