Tour to Salt mine

Most amazing

One of the most amazing facial appearance of the mine is the Chapel of St. Kinga too fixed in salt. However, the greatest beauty of the mine is the work of nature – the mine is ornamented with enormous stalactites and stalagmites.



Would you like to know more? Huge stalactites hanging beginning the vault, huge halls fixed in the depths of the Earth, the cool impression of being hundreds of meters underground are immediately a few clothes you can discover in the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Wieliczka Salt Mine.


tour to wieliczka

Just half an hour make beginning the productive Cracow, the mine offers the oft required tranquillity and solace in the cool, calm shafts and corridors. Since you venture addicted to the depth of the mine you discover tranquillity and marvel on the wonders of nature – the mine is packed with stalactites and stalagmites.


Wieliczka Salt Mine


However, a quantity of of the mine’s greatest attractions are man-made, approximating the enormous chapel of St Kinga. The 2-3 hour-long tour to salt mine takes you over 130 meteres under the surface of the earth and spans 3.5 kilometer.

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